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Murray High School

Home of the Spartans

5440 S. State Street, Murray Utah  84107   Ph: 801-264-7460  Fax: 801-264-7461

Shelley Kobuta





Lisa Wilcken

Citizenship/Attendance Secretary

Attendance & 'U' Policy 


Deja Frenchwood

Carson Chacon

To obtain a parking permit:

1. Submit the Parking Pass Application

2. Pay the fee through the finance office through My School Fees

3. WAIT at least 24 hours, then pick up the hang tag pass in the Citizenship office (RM 118)

***Parking enforcement starts September 1 

Attendance Procedures:

Students and parents are responsible for monitoring attendance closely. Attendance can be tracked online through the Aspire SIS program.

Absences should be excused through the attendance office within 5 days of the absence and follow guidelines as outlined in the school/district attendance policy (see policy link below). Students must check out through the attendance office when leaving school resulting in class time being missed. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence(s) requiring Canvas module completion or detention. Please read the full attendance policy carefully by clicking the link on this page. Thank you for your cooperation.

Attendance Codes:

X = unexcused absence            D = doctor note *

E = excused absence                 V = pre-approved vacation *

C = check in/out                             2 = arrived more than 10 minutes late (unexcused absence)                                            Q = Home and Hospital

T = Tardy                                   

S = Sluff                                      

A = activity excused *                 

Canvas Citizenship Module Remediation:

See or email the Citizenship Secretary in Room 118 to be added to Canvas module remediation options.

  • Completion of two module assignment remediates 1 X, or 2 T's
  • Completion of four module assignments remediates 1 'U'

Detention Times  (Held Last 3 Weeks of Term)

Last 3 Weeks of Term, Monday - Friday: Spartan Cove or Rm 117

  • For 3rd TERM Detention Calendar Dates, Click HERE
  • For 4th TERM Detention Calendar Dates, Click HERE
  • Morning @ 7:00 - 7:45 A.M - Tues-Fri.   
  • Afternoon @ 2:35 - 3:20 P.M. (Wed. 2:05 - 2:50) - Mon-Thurs.

 How you get 'U's


How to get rid of 'U's


Students must remediate all U's before being approved to walk at Murray High School's graduation ceremony.