Murray High School
Department of Assisted Education
Transition 12
Course Map/Open Disclosure Statement

Last update 6/1/13



Teacher: Dale Ralph, M.Ed.                                                Contact: 264-7460 ext. 5207

                                                                                    [email protected]


Required Materials: pen/pencil, notebook/paper for journal/writing assignments each day,

A 1˝ -2 inch three ring binder for development of student portfolio and any school assignments for completion.


Assisted Education Objectives: The purpose of assisted (special) education is to provide free, appropriate and specially designed instruction for people with disabilities who need specialized instruction.


Course Objectives: Transition 12 addresses vital vocational and educational skills to be successful after high school. Students will also learn skills of self-advocacy and independence. Students enrolled in this class will demonstrate their learning through oral and written expression. Students will also have the opportunity to complete homework and class assignments in this class.


Grading: 20 daily points based on S.T.A.R.T.

S=Seat yourself with supplies when bell rings.                      2 points

T=Track your classes on your assignment sheet.                    1 point

A=Activate your daily five minute writing or reading.          1 point

R=Rate your completion of correct work during the period. 8 points

T=Time your behavior was on task.                                        8 points

93-100% = A 90-92% = A- 87-89% = B+ 83-86% = B

80-82% = B- 77-79% = C+ 73-76% = C 70-72% = C-

67-69% = D+ 63-66% = D 60-62% = D- 59-0% = F


Citizenship Grades: Students will earn a satisfactory “S” or unsatisfactory “U” citizenship grade, which will be determined by behavior and attendance (absences, tardies, truancies) as outlined in the Citizenship Policy in the MHS student/parent handbook.


A “U” results from the following:                 


Attendance: 5 or more unexcused excused absences in any quarter (1 unexcused)

Truancy: 1 or more in any quarter

Behavior: inappropriate behavior

Tardies: more than one tardy in any one quarter (which can be made up through detention). Students will be allowed five school days to remediate a tardy through detention time.


Any “U”s received must be remediated prior to graduation. A “U” will be given in any class in which a student has more than one tardy per term. Tardies may be remediated by attending one 45-minute detention before or after school within five days of receiving notice in T.E.A.M. class. Detention is held in room #117 at 7:00 a.m. and 2:40 p.m. On early day (Wednesday) detention is held at 2:10 p.m.


Student Behavior Expectations:

Be on time

Follow all school rules and teachers’ directions the first time within five seconds.

Use appropriate language

Work on task

Stay in own personal space

Be respectful


Teacher Behavior Expectations:

Commit to mission of Special Education and Inclusion.

Slowly introduce new topics.

Frequently check for understanding.

Require independent work.

Test student learning.

Provide frequent review.

Teach at a fast pace.

Be respectful and consistent with rules, consequences and fairness while promoting safety, trust, responsibility and support at all times.


Transition 12 Disclosure

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): Ongoing critical evaluation by peers, which may include the exchanging of papers, will be used to enhance the educational process. Ultimately, the final assessment is the job of teacher. It may also be necessary to post informational lists by a student’s ID number in the classroom. Student privacy will be respected when providing class grades and other confidential information.


I have read the above information and understand the guidelines set forth by this disclosure statement. I understand that if I have questions or concerns I can contact the teacher at any time. If there is a perceived error, any grade change must be completed within the following quarter or by June 30 for the fourth quarter.


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