Social Dance

Semester Class

Leesa Lloyd

Updated May 2013


Standards (include state core numbers)




On the fist day of class we will do a couple of get to know each other games, go over the open disclosure statement and begin learning the jitterbug. Throughout the course of the semester we will find a variety of ways to put students together in partners. Because we usually have more girls than boys, some girls will have to learn the boys part.

During these two months we will learn the jitterbug, square dancing and the waltz.

Before we learn a new dance the students will receive hand-outs that talk about the dance we will be learning, where did it originate, and other specifics of this dance.

They will learn basic swing dance steps. I will teach girls and boys separate before putting them together.

Students will be graded 3 couples at a time. They will be graded on their knowledge of the dance and if they are doing the steps correctly, in the right order and if they are staying with the music.

For the square dancing will grade four couples at a time. They will receive a group grade as well as an individual grade.

Students will be graded on every dance they are taught in this class. They will receive a letter grade. They will be graded on effort and knowledge of the dance. It isnt expected that they will be able to execute steps perfectly as beginning dance students.


We will spend a day in the library doing research to find out what kind of dancing is done in a country of their choosing. They will need to find pictures that show costumes and depict the culture of the country.

This month students will learn the Cha Cha, Disco, Fox Trot

During this month we will learn the Lindy Hop. We will add more difficult swing steps as well as learn some basic tricks.

They will type a two page paper on social dance in a foreign country. They can use either the internet or a book.

Because we have all levels of ability the tricks will be optional. We will learn them initially in the wrestling room on the mats.

Their paper will be graded on content, correct spelling and grammar. Also if it is the two full pages.

Students will be graded on the dance 3 couples at time.

Students must turn in a concert critique of a concert they have attended.

This month we will learn the Mambo and Tango.

Students will have different partners for every dance.

We will learn dances from the 1960s and 1980s. These dances will be done without a partner.

We will learn the Merengue. We will do a few different test review games to go over all the steps that go with all the dances that have learned.

Both are Latin dances. We will learn the history. For each dance learned in the semester students will write down all the steps learned. They will need this for the final.

After students have learned the steps they will get in groups and create their own formations to go with the steps.

Students will have a clear knowledge of the origin of the social dances we have learned as well as what steps go with what dance.

Students will be graded 2 couples at time.

For the 1980s steps students will learn the steps and then put their own formations with it. Students will be graded on both the steps and the formations.

For the 1960s the students will add some of their choreography to the steps I teach them. They will be graded on both.

We will have a 100 question multiple choice written test as the the final in social dance.