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Functional Literacy II
Course Map/Open Disclosure Statement

Last update 5/26/10


                   Dale Ralph and Brady Smith                                                             

Phone # 264-7460                                                                  

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            Functional Literacy II Class—Phonics/Fluency/Vocabulary/Comprehension


            Number of Instructors/Staff: 4

            Class Size: 12-24

            Group Size: 3-6

            Lesson Schedule

·         225 minutes weekly divided into 30-40 minute sessions—all year long


·         DIBELS Benchmark—Fall, Winter and Spring

·         Words Their Way Spelling—Quarterly

·         Argumentative writing samples-Quarterly

            Progress Monitoring

·         DIBELS progress monitoring probes—biweekly


            Lesson Materials and Format—all four of these programs are used for the entire year


            Great Leaps, Kenneth Campbell—Fluency/Phonics

One session per week each group completes a Great Leaps one-on-one session and practices on their own while waiting for a turn. Each session with        each student takes 5-7 minutes. During this time student read a phonics page, a phrases page, and a story page for one minute timings. After each timing students record their results and discuss errors with instructor/tutor.


            Rewards and Rewards Plus, Archer, Gleason, and Vachon—Word Attack/Fluency

One session per week each group completes a Rewards Lesson. These lessons focus on mainly word attack skills and come with workbooks for the          students to complete. The lessons are all scripted.


            Words Their Way, Bear, Invernizzi, Templeton, and Johnston—      

            Phonemic Awareness/Phonics/Vocabulary/Spelling

One session per week each group completes a Words Their Way lesson. This usually consists of completing word sorts in a game or competition format.       Each session focuses on a different phonics or vocabulary building activity.


            Reading A to Z, –Guided Reading

One session per week each group participates in a guided reading activity using the small books from Reading A to Z. Each guided reading book comes    with complete lesson plans, a comprehension quiz (and answer sheet), and some worksheets that focus on a particular skill.


Grading Scale

93-100%          =          A                     77-79%            =          C+                                                                             

90-92%            =          A-                    73-76%            =          C
            87-89%            =          B+                   67-69%            =          D+
            83-86%            =          B                     63-66%            =          D
            80-82%            =          B-                    60-62%            =          D-

                                                                        Below 60%     =         F

Grading Policies


Class Expectations


Citizenship Grades

A "U" in citizenship will be given for the following:


    This class is required for Murray High School. If a student fails this class he or she will be required to register for a remediation class after school hours or in the summer.  This class cannot be retaken during the regular school day.  When the student has satisfactorily completed the remediation class, the grade and credit will be added to the transcript as a remediation class.  The original "F" grade will remain on the transcript.

Open Disclosure Signature Section

I have read and understand the disclosure statement for this class.  I know that all grading discrepancies will be handled according to the guidelines outlined in this document.  My student and I have read and discussed this document together and my student will abide by all policies contained therein.


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