Course Map for

Driver Education

Instructor:  Wade Meier, Lisa Parker
May 2013








-Course Outline and procedures.

-Health questioners

-Visual Testing

-Getting to know your vehicle

-Starting, steering,

stopping the vehicle.

- Basic driving skills.

-State Driver Handbook

·        Driver License requirements.

·        Obtaining a drivers license.

·        Rules of the road.

·        Traffic signs, signals, and

          roadway markings.

·        How accidents may affect


·        Health problems.

·        Losing your privilege to drive.

·        Alcohol and other drugs.

-Driving in adverse conditions.

-Mountain driving

-Understanding insurance coverage’s.

-Utah’s D.U.I. laws.

-Distracted driving; cell phone use

-Map reading skills.

-Vehicle maintenance.

-Organ and tissue donation.

-Course conclusion.

-Understand the


for successful completion

of the three phases

(classroom, range, and behind the wheel instruction) of the course.

State requirements must be met.

-Demonstrate visual acuity of 20/40 with corrective lenses.

-Demonstrate knowledge of driver license requirements for the state of Utah.

-Understand rules of driving, traffic signs, signals and road markings.

-Demonstrate pre-driving

checks, starting, steering, stopping and securing the  vehicle.

-Show knowledge of and

demonstrate IPDE principles.

-Develop visual skills

necessary for safe

handling of an automobile.

-Demonstrate proper behind the wheel driving skills.








































-Oral (and or) written quiz.

-Completed Heath Questioner form.

-Eye examination. Must

have visual acuity of

20/40 with corrective lenses.

-State handbook written assignments.

-Chapter readings, written

assignments, quizzes and


-State driver handbook


-Driving range observation

by instructor

-Behind the wheel.

Rural, highway,

freeway, mountain, and urban driving assessed by

the students driving instructor.

Students are required to complete the following:

-27 Hours of classroom instruction.

-3 hours of behind the wheel instruction.

-6 hours of driving range instruction.


The State Road Skills examination will be administered to each student upon completion of the required driving instruction.

November – January

Same as previous term

Same as previous term

Same as previous term




This course is a one term course; therefore the content is covered over a period of one term then repeated in each of the following terms.  In general, students will take this course and Careers during the same semester, alternating one class with the other at the term break.