Course Map for

Murray Dance Company

Leesa Lloyd

Updated May 2013







Technique and Conditioning Stretching, running and conditioning to get in shape for new school year. Choreographing, teaching, cleaning a dance for Hello Days assembly which is the first Friday of school.


A new dance is learned and performed for Spartan Spec. during Homecoming. This is a different style than was done for Hello Days.

Various across the floor combinations. Learning a new 3 minute dance for our first performance. Points are awarded for rehearsals and the performance.


Several weeks are spent in teaching, and cleaning the dance for Spartan Spec.

Students are graded on the following throughout the year.

Dressing each day

Participating each day

Running each day

Extra rehearsals outside of class time.


Concert Attendance each term

Written dance test

Oral Muscle test


Students choreograph a dance for Spartan Spec. And audition dances for Christmas concert

Teach and perfect dances for Christmas concert

finished product shown at the Christmas concert, written test on dance terminology


Learning new dances for Christmas concert

Cleaning and perfecting dances

perfected dances for the concert will be the final assessment


Audition dances for spring perform concert

New dances will be choreographed and taught and auditioned for spring

test on dance terminology






















Guest choreographer will teach a new piece for spring concert


Begin learning the 18 dances which will be performed in the spring concert. Four dances rehearse each day.


Muscle Test





All dance must be completely taught. If they are not they will be taken out of the concert.


During this month there are many extra evening and Saturday rehearsals to prepare for the spring concert.


Dance company members now prepare for our clinic, and try-outs for next year.


A new dance must be choreographed and learned for the end of the year performance.


The final will be a dance history project where girls will do research, choreograph, and costume, a dance from a certain period of time.

Learn a new style of dance with a guest choreographer


Most members of the dance company have at least one dance in the concert that they must choreograph, teach, clean before the spring concert.


Girls will have one more oral muscle test on muscles we have not learned before.


Concert critique is due the last day of the term. A one page written critique on a recent dance performance attended.


Dances will now be cleaned, spaced, costumed and light for the concert.


Two weeks will be spent on 4 dances created for clinic and try-outs for next year's company.


Three weeks will be spent in preparation for Spartan Spec.



Girls will work in groups of 4 to create the dance. They must find appropriate music and costumes for their dance. A research paper is done as well.

Deadlines are set for dances to be taught, cleaned, spaced etc.



Muscle test is given orally, where girls must identify them as they are pointed out.


Girls are given points for running which is done daily.



Critique is worth 100 points.


Points are given for all rehearsals and concert performance.


Points are given for participation and follow through of clinic, try-outs, Spartan Spec. and the Final


The dance history final is worth 200 points.