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Self Esteem, Understanding self, Respect for others, Values, Character, Budgeting,

Financial Goals, Track personal income and expenses,

Rope challenge, Self esteem definitions, IALAC, Life maps, Label game, Forced choice values, Boundary breaking, Trust falls, Chapters 22, 23, & 1 Assignments Track personal income and expenses for two weeks,


Identify 2 personal and 1 financial value and set a short and a long term goal that relates to each of these values.


Complete FCCLA Step 1

-3 Short answer quizzes

-One 20 minute presentations on topic related to class material


Values continued, Friendships,

Dating introduction

Personal rules/responsibilities for dating behaviors

Values collage, Values choice walk, Kidney machine, Envelope compliments, Most memorable dates, Dates and restaurants, Why Date?, Dating assignment, Chapters 17 & 18.

Set personal rules/responsibilities for dating behavior that support your personal values.

-2 short answer quizzes

-Oral presentations on topic related to class material



Dating, Creative Dates, Dating Violence, Breakups,

Suicide, Stress

Dating role play

Dating panel boys and girls

Do's and Doníts in dating

Relationship maps

Letting go

Stress packets

"Suicide notes"

Relaxation exercises

Cycle of Abuse,

Chapter 8

Infant simulator introduction

-1 short answer quiz

-Panel responses

-"Most stressful experience" paper


-Infant Simulators


Decision Making

Love vs. Infatuation

Teen Pregnancy

Life choices that count,

Define love and infatuation,

Love attitudes inventory,

Love quotient,

Love scale questionnaire

Chapter #19

-1 short answer quiz

-Decision making panel

-Love vs. Infatuation quiz


-Infant Simulators


Teen pregnancy,




Sexually transmitted diseases,




"It only takes once", Pros and cons

Emotional and financial readiness

Sexually transmitted disease review

Sexually transmitted disease pre-test

Chapter 20

-1 short answer quiz

-Teen pregnancy response paper

-Decision making panel

-Aids pre-test and post-test



Communication continued


Conflict Resolution

Preparation for marriage


Select strategies to strengthen family and marriage relationships.

Communication test, "I" statements, feelings, verbal/non-verbal, personal space, "Case Against Living Together", Mate I'd like, Maturity for marriage, Love language, Emotional and financial readiness for marriage.


Develop a list of ways to personally build and strengthen a marriage.


Demonstate the ability to use at least 2 constructive communication skills

-2 short answer quizzes

-Space invaders

-Proposals in class

-Wedding/ Honeymoon Assignments





Class Weddings







Career choices



Job Interviews

Resumes and Cover letters

Getting a Job


Apply conflict resolution and problem-solving strategies to resolve an identified common source of marital conflict.


Develop a realistic budget for a family based upon a set income which includes: savings, housing, utilities, transportation, insurance, clothing, entertainment and miscellaneous categories.



Research a career that includes educational requirements, skill development and income potential.



5 Best careers

How to write a resume

How to write a cover letter

Do's and doníts in job interviews

"Ouch Questions",

Marriage Assignment

Apartment shopping and Grocery shopping, Monthly Budget


-2 short answer quizzes

-Aptitude test

-Resume and cover letters

-Job Interviews

-Marriage Assignment



Banking- Credit, Savings, Debt, Checking,

Marriage- creating a successful marriage

"Loving relationships",

Credit case studies,

Recognizing the cycle of abuse, "Tracy Thurman" Story, Abuse response.


Demonstrate how to manage a checking account- including how to reconcile with a monthly statement.


Evaluate 3 different credit card applications and determine the total cost of an item purchased on credit at three different rates of interest.


-2 short answer quizzes

-Marriage test

-Oral presentations on subjects related to class material

-Teen Divorce response



Divorce- Avoiding and coping with




Parenting- Skillful parenting, pregnancy, labor and delivery, child age appropriate discipline, child abuse,







A case of teen divorce,

Marriage destinies,


Use of Chapter 32, 33 & 34

Evaluate personal readiness for parenting (social, emotional, physical and intellectual)

Apply Positive Guidance techniques to resolve three child-rearing problems.

Advertising-How they persuade, Cleo winners,

Tax forms- 1040EZ, and 1040A

-3 short answer quizzes

-Divorce response paper

-Oral presentations related to class subjects

-State Core Final Exam- (Scoring 80% or higher will award a state competency certificate).

-Final Paper