August-September (1st)


January-February (2nd)



#1 - Students will acquire accounting vocabulary and business skills used in accounting.


#2 Students will prepare payroll records.


Obj 1: Define accounting, explain the purpose of the accounting system, and apply each step of the accounting cycle.

Obj 2: Define and use accounting terminology and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Obj 3: Demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills.

Obj 4: Demonstrate team building to enhance cooperative learning and interpersonal skills.

Obj 5: Understand and use business ethics in accounting decision making.

Obj 6: Identify and explain the purpose of a corporation as a form of business ownership.

Obj 7: Identify and explain three types of businesses.

Obj 8: Demonstrate mathematical calculations necessary for accounting procedures.


Obj 1: Prepare and maintain payroll records using manual and computerized systems.

Obj 2: Make journal entries related to payroll.

Vocabulary exercises including flashcards and quizzes. Some tasks (quotes & discussions) will be performed in groups to promote cooperative learning and improve interpersonal skills.

Practice exercises, worksheets, quizzes, and tests.


October (1st)


March (2nd)



#3 Apply accepted accounting principles to sales, purchases, cash receipts and cash payment transactions.


#6 Students will prepare adjusting entries and financial statements for a corporation.



Obj 1: Verify and analyze source documents related to business transactions.

Obj 2: Analyze transactions for purchases and cash payments.

Obj 3: Analyze transactions for sales and cash receipts.


Obj 1: Perform the necessary steps prior to preparing financial statements.

Obj 2: Prepare financial statements.

Practice exercises, worksheets, quizzes, and tests.


November (1st)


April (2nd)



#5 Students will demonstrate and explain the principles for handling depreciation of assets as a means of cost allocation.


#7 Students will prepare closing entries and a Post-Closing Trial Balance.


Obj 1: Explain the purpose of and record transactions related to depreciation of assets.


Obj 1: Prepare closing entries.

Obj 2: Prepare a Post-Closing Trial Balance to prove equality of debits and credits for permanent real accounts.

Practice exercises, worksheets, quizzes, and tests.


December (1st)


May (2nd)



#4 Students will demonstrate the ability to handle uncollectible accounts/bad debts/doubtful accounts.



Obj 1: Explain the purpose of and record transactions related to uncollectible accounts/bad debts/doubtful accounts.

Practice exercises, worksheet, quizzes, and tests.


State Competency Test